In general, I only write letters for students or advisees who have taken my courses AND have completed sufficient work in and/or out of the classroom. This could mean that you took more than one class and also regularly attended office hours to discuss your work and ideas. The more you work to build a relationship in the classroom or in office hours, the better I will be able to discuss your personal and intellectual strengths.
  • Please make your initial request at least a MONTH before the deadline.
  • Send your materials TWO to THREE weeks before the deadline
Recommendation Letters should be made as formal request via email ( 
Requests should contain the following information:
1. A clear sense of your intention for the program or scholarship so that I may tailor the letter to your needs.
2. Strengths you feel you demonstrated in the class or other context together that will help me write a strong supportive letter.
3. Materials pertinent to the application including a statement of purpose and / or personal statement. Your application materials allow me to craft my letter in support of your narrative. 
4. A sample of work you have produced in class (longer essays, final exams or projects). 
5. An unofficial transcript, resume and/or cv.
6. Submission link.
It is up to you to check on the letter if I have agreed to the request and you have not heard back. Courteous reminders of submission dates are helpful and welcomed. A thank you and follow up on the progress of your application are also appreciated and surprisingly almost always overlooked!

*These guidelines were inspired by Dr. Therí A. Pickens.