Courses Taught and Scheduled:


  • AES 480: Critical Refugee and Migration Studies
  • AAS 250: Asian American Oral History
  • AES 462 A: Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations
  • AES 440: History and Memory: Race, Archives, and Afterlives of War
  • AAS /GWSS 392: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women

A selection of courses taught at UCSD:

  • Contemporary Immigration Issues: Undocumented Migration to the Contemporary “Refugee Crisis”
  • Contemporary Asian American History
  • Dimensions of Culture: Diversity
  • Race in the Americas: Histories and Legacies of the Cold War
  • Asian and Latina Workers in the Global Economy
    • For my Asian and Latina Workers Course, I took the students on a field trip to Tijuana, Mx with the San Diego Maquiladora Workers’ Solidarity Network. They spent the day speaking with members of a worker’s collective called Ollín Calli and learning about the environmental and labor issues in Tijuana.
  • Contemporary Issues: The University in Society

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